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Scratchbox - December 13, 2019
Issued: 17:01hrs Friday 13th December 2019

Claire: Further showers and outbreaks of rain tonight, mainly for western parts of Ireland and the UK. A chilly night too for northern and western areas, slightly milder to the southeast. Windy too with coastal gales for many southern areas.

Issued: 12:22hrs Friday 13th December 2019

Claire: It's been a wet morning for many in Northern Ireland, eastern Scotland, North Wales, the East Midlands, East England and the southeast of England with more rain on the way for most of these areas through the afternoon. Drying up to the southeast before another band of rain moves into the southwest later.

Issued: 08:18hrs Friday 13th December 2019

Claire: Showers and outbreaks of rain affecting many today. Wettest areas will be eastern Scotland, north Wales and the southeast of England. Drier for northeastern England and northwest Scotland.

Issued: 16:52hrs Thursday 12th December 2019

A windy night for the southwestern half of the British Isles with winds increasing to severe gale force for many coastal areas of Ireland, Wales and western and southern England.

Issued: 08:17hrs Thursday 12th December 2019

Claire: Very wet for southern parts of England this morning with a bit of a breeze here too. Outbreaks of showers/rain for many western areas, drier east.

Issued: 17:40hrs Wednesday 11th December 2019

Simon: A frost develops tonight. Watch for icy patches on roads and pavements. Further heavy snow showers over the high ground of western Scotland.

Issued: 13:15hrs Wednesday 11th December 2019

Simon: Further heavy showers this afternoon, mainly in the west, but then transferring eastwards. Snow is falling on hills of Scotland.

Issued: 07:19hrs Wednesday 11th December 2019

Simon: mHeavy showers in the north and west this morning, these push east during the day. The showers will be wintry over the hills, and it will be feeling cold for all of us with a significant wind-chill.

Issued: 17:57hrs Tuesday 10th December 2019

Simon: Heavy rain now passing eastwards through southern Scotland, northern and western England and Wales. The rain heavy and squally at times. Blustery showers now into Ireland.

Issued: 07:01hrs Tuesday 10th December 2019

Simon: A chilly start to the day in eastern England, but temperatures lifting as wind, cl9ud and rain spread from the west. Gusts are already above 60,ph in northern and western areas with these gusts spreading east.

Issued: 17:14hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: A frost tonight in many areas of the UK at first tonight, but temperatures increasing from the west as cloud increases.

Issued: 12:27hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: A better afternoon as wends have now eased and a temporary ridge of high pressure is building. Make sure all is prepared for more severe gales tomorrow though.

Issued: 07:35hrs Monday 09th December 2019

Simon: It's been a very windy night, Aberdaron in west Wales topping the speed list at lower level stations with 77mph.