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Scratchbox - August 20, 2019
Issued: 11:29hrs Monday 19th August 2019

Simon: More showers to come this afternoon, heaviest in western areas with a risk of thunder here too.

Issued: 07:28hrs Monday 19th August 2019

Simon: Showers this morning, heavy in western Scotland and western Ireland. Some heavy showers in the Midlands and southwest England too.

Issued: 18:13hrs Sunday 18th August 2019

Simon: More heavy showers this evening in northern England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland this evening, tending to ease back to the coasts overnight.

Issued: 12:07hrs Sunday 18th August 2019

Claire: It's another breezy day across the UK and Ireland particularly around Irish Sea coasts where gusts of 40mph have been recorded this morning. Winds should start to ease into the start of next week.

Issued: 08:17hrs Sunday 18th August 2019

Claire: Outbreaks of rain and showers affecting many today. These most frequent for western areas. Some showers may be thundery in nature. Staying breezy too.

Issued: 16:19hrs Saturday 17th August 2019

Claire: Sustained wind speeds off the west coast of Scotland are now in excess of 30mph (near gale force). Peak gusts this afternoon across the British Isles include 48mph at Benbecula, 46mph at Aberdaron, 45mph at Belmullet, 42mph at Castlederg and 39mph at Langdon Bay.

Issued: 11:52hrs Saturday 17th August 2019

Claire: Winds really starting to pick up now for southern and western parts of the British Isles. Peak gusts of 45mph and higher have been recorded along the Welsh coast and widespread gusts of 35 to 40mph have been recorded along English Channel Coasts. Peak gusts in excess of 60mph across the Scottish Highlands too.

Issued: 08:05hrs Saturday 17th August 2019

Claire: A weak front brings a band of showery rain to England today. Elsewhere will see a mix of good spells of sunshine & blustery showers. Some of the showers may be thundery. Winds already picking up too, particularly around western & southern coasts.

Issued: 16:58hrs Friday 16th August 2019

Claire: Most parts of the British Isles have seen some measurable rain over the past 12 hours with some parts of eastern Ireland, western Scotland, northwest England and northwest Wales recording more than 50 millimetres.

Issued: 12:40hrs Friday 16th August 2019

Claire: This afternoon's rain will be mainly focussed over England and Wales with heavy bursts for western Wales and northwestern England. Brighter but with blustery showers over Ireland, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Some of these may be rather heavy.

Issued: 08:13hrs Friday 16th August 2019

Claire: Rain already affecting many northern and western areas this morning. Spreading further south and east through the day. The main band of heavy rain will be followed by frequent blustery showers.