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UK Forecast - October 20, 2018
Dry south, some rain north
Cool start to the week

A cold front drifts southwards across Britain. Cloudy with patchy rain or drizzle for southern Scotland, northern England, north Wales, and across Ireland. Some brief bursts of rain. Dry with sunshine in the south and east of England, although cloud will build from the north. Gusty winds for a time. Clearer conditions will move across Scotland and Northern Ireland, with just a few showers near north-west coasts, these wintry on the mountains. Highs 10 to 13C north, 15 to 17C south.

Sunday night
The remnants of a cold front continues to drift south, but only a zone of cloud and a local spots of rain as it reaches the Midlands and southern counties by Sunday evening and into the night. Skies clearing from the north. Local fog patches forming in low lying areas. A brisk westerly breeze for northern Britain, with a few showers possible in northern Scotland. A touch of frost for sheltered northern areas, lows 1 to 4C. Nearer 6 to 8C in southern Britain.

High pressure lies to the west, building across Britain and Ireland, resulting in a fair day overall. Early fog clearing to leave lots of sunshine. Some hazy skies with high cloud. Low cloud may plague western Scotland much of the day, with rain frequent in the north-west Highlands, falling as snow for a time on the mountains. A strong westerly wind for northern Britain and Ireland, but light winds toward the south. Cooler than the weekend, highs 10 to 14C.

High pressure will be centred strongly to the west of the British Isles. Dry for most places, with the best sunshine toward the south and east. Western areas will see more in the way of low cloud. A little rain or drizzle in north-west Scotland. Breezy for northern Britain on the whole, but lighter winds toward the Midlands, south and south-west, where some fog patches are possible in the morning. Fairly mild, especially where sun comes through, 16 to 18C east, but nearer 12 to 14C west.